Applied for all versions [PC, PS5, X|S].

Frame rates in areas with a lot of NPCs, such as town centers, should be improved.

In addition, turning the graphics settings to low should further improve frame rates.

Players on Steam can achieve the same results from changing their graphics settings.

Fixing issues around CPU overload in certain situations.

If your monitor supports 120Hz output, turning this on may make the game display more smoothly. This setting does not guarantee 120 fps.

Adding function to sell items from the storage menu.

Increasing the maximum number of items of one kind that can be put in storage from 99 to 999.

Miscellaneous bug fixes.

Many other QoL improvements.

Please follow the link for all patch notes.

Source: N4G PC Dragon's Dogma 2 | Update adds 120Hz mode, additional graphic options, more QoL fixes