Beyond Good & Evil 20th Anniversary Edition Leaked Ubisoft June 25 Release Date

Last year, an Xbox store listing for Beyond Good & Evil – 20th Anniversary Edition accidentally went live, with Ubisoft later stating it went up early due to a “technical error.” Now, in what appears to be another technical error of sorts, Ubisoft might have accidentally revealed Beyond Good & Evil – 20th Anniversary Edition launches June 25. 

Earlier today, the official Ubisoft X (formerly Twitter) account posted a trailer for the game, which runs for nearly two minutes and features a look at the game’s seemingly remastered visuals and performance, alongside the following text: “You’ll be able to relive Jade’s adventures in Beyond Good & Evil – 20th Anniversary Edition, coming June 25.” That post is no longer available, as Ubisoft has deleted it. Nonetheless, June 25 is next Tuesday so it’s possible this beloved classic is coming to PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and PC in just a few days. 

While the Ubisoft post has since been deleted, some X users were able to grab the trailer, and you can check it out below: 

As you can see, the game will feature up to 4K/60 FPS resolution and performance, an art gallery, and other features, and it’s due out on “all platforms” June 25. Ubisoft has not commented on the deleted tweet, but if the game is, in fact, coming out next week, we’ll likely learn more about it very soon. 

Strangely, amongst Ubisoft’s silence on the deleted announcement, Limited Run Games has announced it is publishing a physical edition run of Beyond Good & Evil – 20th Anniversary Edition, due out on July 12 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, and Switch. 

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Source: Game Informer Ubisoft Posts Beyond Good & Evil – 20th Anniversary Edition Tweet With June Release Date, Then Deletes It