CCG writes – “Lunar Lander Beyond is one of those decent and fun games that, while enjoyable, isn’t exceptional. Not everything must be amazing, though. For a game trying to revitalize a classic property in a modern way, it does that pretty well. It certainly has moments that are quite frustrating, as well as a few difficulty spikes around the middle of the game. The controls are a mixed bag, but I suppose the original Lunar Lander wasn’t a walk in the part either; mastering the controls was half of the fun and challenge there. I feel like the game deserves more success than it’s currently had (based on current Steam review count), and I attribute that to a price that’s a bit on the higher side. It’s not a terrible value, as it took me around ten hours to complete. I would say it’s worth a purchase on discount, though.”

Source: N4G PC Lunar Lander Beyond review – ChristCenteredGamer