FragPunk Reveal Trailer 5v5 Card FPS First-Person Shooter

NetEase has revealed FragPunk, a new 5v5 hero shooter coming to Xbox Series X/S and PC sometime next year. Revealed during today’s Xbox Games Showcase, FragPunk features stylized art, squad-based first-person combat, and more than 70 cards to power up your arsenal of moves. 

“FragPunk is a frantic, squad-based, 5v5 hero shooter where you set the rules of engagement for every new round by activating power-up cards,” an Xbox Wire post reads. “With its debut at Xbox Games Showcase 2024, FragPunk rocks the hero shooter genre with fast-paced combat and a plethora of synergies and counterplays between over 70 shard cards, 10 heroes, 14 weapons, and 4 maps.” 

Check it out for yourself in the FragPunk reveal trailer below

FragPunk is due out sometime next year on Xbox Series X/S and PC. 

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Source: Game Informer FragPunk Is A 5v5 Hero Shooter Built Around Cards And First-Person Action