This month, Dragon Age: The Veilguard (you read that right – Dreadwolf is no more) graces the cover of Game Informer. After years developing Baldur’s Gate and its sequel early in its history, BioWare struck out to create its own fantasy RPG. That series began with Dragon Age: Origins in 2009. It was followed up with Dragon Age II in 2011, and then Dragon Age: Inquisition in 2014. While the Dragon Age series’ history has its ups and downs, fans have been patiently waiting for BioWare to return to the franchise, and 2024 is finally the year. 

We visited BioWare’s Edmonton, Canada, office for an exclusive look at Dragon Age: The Veilguard, including a look at its character creator, its prologue and opening missions, and more. We also spoke to many of the game’s leads about the name change, the series’ shift to real-time action combat, the various companions (and the relationships you can forge with them), and The Veilguard’s hub location. You can learn about the titular Veilguard, Solas’ role in the game, and so much more in our 12-page cover story for Dragon Age: The Veilguard. 

But there are plenty of other excellent reads within this issue of Game Informer! Some of us flew to Los Angeles, California, to attend Summer Game Fest and the not-E3 weekend’s various other events to check out new games, interview developers, and more. Our previews section is jam-packed with new details about upcoming releases we can’t wait for. 

Brian Shea flew to Warsaw, Poland, to check out two upcoming releases – Frostpunk 2 and The Alters – and he came away excited about both. Jon Woodey went hands-on with Final Fantasy XIV’s upcoming Dawntrail expansion (and spoke to director Naoki Yoshida, too), and as someone with 8,000 hours in the game, his words are the ones you’ll want to read. 

On the freelance front, Charlie Wacholz writes about how last year’s Dave The Diver is one of the best game representations of the rewards and struggles of working in the food and beverage industry, and Grant Stoner spoke with Sony and Microsoft about the development of process and history of the companies’ Adaptive and Access controllers. And for a lil’ terror this summer, Ashley Bardhan spoke to several horror game developers about why the alluring town known as Silent Hill is a crucial location to Konami’s horror masterpiece. 

As always, you’ll find an editor’s note from editor-in-chief Matt Miller, reviews from various freelancers and staff editors, a Top 5 list (hint hint: dragons), and more. 

Here’s a closer look at the cover


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Source: Game Informer Cover Reveal – Dragon Age: The Veilguard