In Tenjutsu, you play as a renegade yakuza hellbent on defying her former associates and loosening their grip on the Secret Garden City. Revealed at this year’s Devolver Direct, this fast and fluid rogue-jutsu is the latest game from S├ębastien Benard, designer of the acclaimed Dead Cells.

Four powerful crime syndicates control the city, ruling with an iron fist. To defeat them, you must master a brutal brawling system and build a diverse arsenal of weapons, upgrades, and martial arts techniques, breaking their hold on the streets in a flurry of violence.

The city is reborn as these sinister organizations fall to your fists, tackled in any order you wish. The ruined streets become vibrant and full of life, and you can spend gathered resources in shops and restaurants to help you on your quest.

Shape the city to fit your play style, unlocking new weapons, combat moves, and new areas. Just don’t take too long: the longer you spend preparing, the stronger your enemies will become.

Source: N4G PC Tenjutsu | Reveal Trailer