Monster Hunter Wilds Summer Game Fest 2024

The latest Monster Hunter Wilds trailer shows off a chase across desert dunes as burrowing, armored reptiles pursue a squad of hunters. It’s the latest look at the game following its first gameplay appearance during last week’s State of Play. 

Though this squad of hunters tries to fight back with gunfire, the ground gives way beneath them, trapping them inside a cave. We then see clips of a proper battle against these beasts, with one character using a very large gun and unleashing hell while atop a mount. The trailer also gives a few glimpses of story moments, but it’s still hard to parse what the plot of Wilds entails. 

Capcom promised to share more detail about the game during Gamescom. Monster Hunter Wilds arrives in 2025 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. 

Source: Game Informer Monster Hunter Wilds Latest Gameplay Trailer Shows Off Thrilling Desert Battle