Kiborg Arena Cyberpunk Roguelite Combat Sifu Sobaka Studio

Developer Sobaka Studio has revealed Kiborg: Arena, a roguelike that looks like a cyberpunk Sifu. Revealed during today’s Guerrilla Collective showcase, Arena is a prequel to Kiborg and it’s coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC (via Steam) sometime this summer. 

In the full game – Kiborg – players must fend of waves of foes as Morgan Lee, the leader of a ragtag group of resistance fighters on the prison planet of Sigma. “Strike with punishing hand-to-hand combat skills, blast mechanized soldiers with firearms, and deploy cybernetic-enhanced abilities to devastate bloodthirsty baddies. Learn to dodge, block, and parry adversaries to set them up for the killing blow.” It sounds and, given how it appears in the trailer below, looks a lot like Sifu, which is a great combat-centric brawler from 2022

Check out the Kiborg action in the trailer below:

In Arena, players find “Morgan Lee, who sends the clones that fight on his behalf out on missions, fighting in Sigma’s Colisseum. Here, Morgan’s clones will square off in bloody battles against other denizens of the prison planet for the cash to help keep his resistance going.” Arena also features an Endless Mode, which Sobaka says spawns an infinite amount of increasingly difficult enemies to overcome.

In the full game, players will gather resources to unlock permanent upgrades, form alliances, and research forbidden technologies to gain the upper hand. 

Here are some Kiborg screenshots


Arena launches this summer on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. The full Kiborg game does not yet have a release date. 

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Source: Game Informer Kiborg: Arena Is An Action Roguelite That Looks Like Cyberpunk Sifu