Astro Bot trailer State of Play 2024

Today’s State of Play concluded with the reveal of a new Astro Bot game. Unlike the last entry, Astro Bot: Rescue Mission, which was a PS5 launch title and a glorified (but very fun) tech demo for the console, this new game is a full-fledged platforming adventure. It’s also got an easy-to-remember name: Astro Bot. 

The trailer sees Astro Bot soaring through the galaxy on a Dual Sense-shaped spaceship to explore a variety of vibrant platforming stages set to a smile-inducing soundtrack. He also shows off new abilities like donning gloves that fire springs to grab and swing enemies, soaking water like a sponge to grow gigantic, and, best of all, just a random Parappa the Rappa reference (among other PlayStation franchises). It looks delightful, and we want to play it. 

Astro Bot will be available on PlayStation 5 on September 6. Our review of Astro’s Playroom can be found here

Source: Game Informer A New Astro Bot Game Is Coming To PS5 In September