WTMG’s Oliver Shellding: “Outside of that all, Please Leave Me Alone, I Need to Poop is a short joke, not overpriced or overstaying its welcome, but is decidedly hard to motivate players into unlocking everything. There are twenty achievements, with the final being get all other achievements, and this could be done in probably two hours or so, by my estimation. Streamers might find an audience who enjoys the protagonist screaming My d***! after running into a coworker at full speed, but the dark humor is more of a beige. Its not awfully offensive, and it stays in its lane for the duration of play, so it gets the job done without overstaying its welcome. Get ready for the next gag gift thatll be passed around during the summer sale; this game will surely be the go-to for anyone looking to gas their friends with good-natured, if crude, humor.”

Source: N4G PC Review – Please Leave Me Alone, I Need to Poop (PC) | WayTooManyGames