hades 2 second area and boss fight

Hades II, the much-anticipated sequel to Supergian’s excellent roguelike, is entering Early Access today and is on the cover of Game Informer Magazine with incredible original art by acclaimed artist Jen Zee. Join Alex Van Aken – who visited Supergiant for the cover story and has played Hades II extensively – and myself for a look at the game’s second area and boss fight. Spoilers ahead if you want to experience the locations and enemies for yourself, but otherwise, enjoy this New Gameplay Today episode!

This second area in Hades II is called Oceanus, an underwater realm Melinoë uses to bypass the armies of Chronos, the game’s antagonist and Titan of Time. Oceanus is generally more difficult to navigate than Erebus, the first area, due to explosive hazards, more powerful ranged enemies, and darting schools of swordfish. The level culminates in a musical boss fight against a rock band of sirens led by Scylla, a well-known sea monster from Greek myth. Scylla sings while her keyboardist and drummer back her up. Despite sharing one health bar, the individual monsters can be stunned and knocked out of the fight, muting the appropriate instruments in the active music track.

See Oceanus And The Scylla Boss Fight In Action:

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Source: Game Informer Beating Hades II's Second Area And Boss Fight | New Gameplay Today