Hey, remember Outcast? Ah, yes, Im being told that no no one remembers Outcast. But thats okay, because even if youve never heard of the 1999 original, Outcast: A New Beginning is a proudly ridiculous open-world action game that fully embraces sci-fi camp in a world I can describe as, What if you made Avatar with the budget and feel of Stargate SG-1, except you have a jetpack and nobody takes anything seriously? Sure, its scatterbrained main story outstays its welcome with way too many menial fetch quests and missions that couldve been emails. After all of that, it redeems itself with a bonkers toybox of delightful weapon modifiers to mix and match until we break it, plus a set of movement abilities rarely seen outside of Just Cause games with which to amuse ourselves with en route from point A to point B.

Source: N4G PC Outcast: A New Beginning Review – IGN