VGChartz’s Paul Broussard: “There is a lot to like, and even love about Persona 3, but its all buried underneath an incredible amount of tediousness – a very slow start to the story, an insipid amount of busywork and bland grinding in Tartarus, and a fairly unengaging overworld – so its tough to say I found myself enjoying it as a first timer. Perhaps its unfair to judge an older title by more modern standards, and Im sure for people who enjoyed the original game, theres no reason to dislike whats here. If you’re someone who doesn’t mind a lot of busy work and a slow start in exchange for an interesting story (particularly the ending), then feel free to ignore everything written previously. However, its tough for me personally to view this as anything other than an average experience.”

Source: N4G PC Persona 3: Reload (PC) Review | VGChartz