Reynatis Final Fantasy XIII Versus Nojima Furyu NIS America Tokyo Shibuya Action

During last week’s Nintendo Direct: Partner Showcase, we learned Grounded and Pentiment, two Xbox titles, are coming to Switch, Disney Epic Mickey was getting the remaster treatment, Penny’s Big Breakaway is now available, and more. You can check out our full rundown of everything announced during the Partner Showcase here. However, Reynatis, a really cool-looking action game set in a modern-day Tokyo, was not shown. 

Reynatis Final Fantasy XIII Versus Nojima Furyu NIS America Tokyo Shibuya Action

It appeared during the Japanese version of the Partner Showcase, though, and the game quickly picked up steam online, thanks to its cool visual style, over-the-top action, and music by Final Fantasy XV composer Yoko Shimomura. Despite its absence on the English version of the Partner Showcase, we now know Reynatis is coming West later this year. 

Specifically, it’s due out this fall on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Switch, and PC via Steam, as reported by Gematsu

Check out the Reynatis reveal trailer for yourself below for a glimpse at what to expect

“Fantasy meets reality in Shibuya, Tokyo, where magic is something to be feared,” the game’s description on Steam reads. “In this action RPG, a young wizard seeks freedom through strength, and an officer seeks to control magic and restore order. When their paths cross, a darkness that will transform the world descends.” 

Elsewhere on Steam, developer Furyu Corporation and publisher NIS America write that Reynatis is set in 2024, and the Criminal Magic Response Act is an order that bars citizens from going out at night – few enforce the rule though. 

“Marin Kirizumi is a wizard who grew up oppressed by others due to his magic,” the game’s description reads. “‘If you become the strongest, you’ll be set free.’ Following these words left by his father, he arrives in Shibuya at night. 

“When Sari Nishijima discovered her magic, she decided to use her powers to maintain order. She follows her own sense of justice to protect Shibuya from forces with dangerous ideals and illegal drugs that turn people into monsters. Marin, who seeks liberation. Sari, who treats the oppression of wizards as justice. The story of Reynatis begins when the two meet in Shibuya, a place where cultures and ideas mix.” 


Reynatis is due out this fall on PS5, PS4, Switch, and PC. It will support Japanese audio with English text. 

[Source: Gematsu]

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Source: Game Informer Reynatis, That Cool Looking Action Game Shown During Last Week's Japanese Nintendo Direct, Hits The States This Fall