Palworld fans can win a $100 Steam gift card by participating in Pocketpairs giveaway on Twitter. One way of winning is retweeting, liking, and following the Palworld_EN giveaway post on X. You also need to reply with your favorite pal and #PalGiveaway to increase your chances of winning. Two separate people can win by following these steps.

Another way to win is by positing art with the hashtags #PalworldArt and #PalGiveaway. The art you post can be anything including illustration, cooking, or crafts. Similar to the first method, two individual winners will be awarded a $100 Steam gift card through sharing their art. This is a chance for the community to show their creative side.

Two people will win individual $100 Steam gift cards by simply reposting and replying with their favorite pal, and two more people will win individual $100 gift cards through sharing art. You only have until 2 AM UTC on February 16th to enter, and this translates to 6 PM PT and 9 PM ET on Februa…

Source: N4G PC Palworld fans can easily win 0 Steam gift cards from Pocketpair and heres how