Today in legally-distinct depictions of pop culture figures, indie shooter RoboSquad Revolution has introduced a new character called Saylor Twist to its game, who may or may not resemble a certain incredibly popular Grammy-winning, world-touring American pop star.

Miss Twist joins the cast of RoboSquad wearing her partner Trevon Celcius’s number 87 jersey, along with a white beanie, and various robot parts to match the game’s themeing. RoboSquad developer Zorans Resistance hasn’t said whether Celcius might be added at some point to join Twist in game.

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RoboSquad Revolution is a free-to-play arena shooter that launched last year into early access on Steam and the Epic Games Store. Players take on the role of a robot revolutionary, fighting against the human-led Zoran Task Force.

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Source: Gamespot "Taylor Swift" AKA Saylor Twist Is A Robot-Killing Fighter In This Indie Shooter