The Elder Scrolls: Castles

Bethesda has announced The Elder Scrolls: Castles, a new mobile experience from the team behind Fallout Shelter.

Like Fallout Shelter, Castles is a management sim, with Bethesda stating in an X post that “you’ll build your own dynasty where every day in our world is a year in the game’s world. Citizens are born, they die, rulers change, and can be betrayed.” Players control their own castle over multiple generations of rulers, families, and subjects. Decision-making dictates how well your kingdom operates and how content your subjects are; unhappy citizens may plot to overthrow you. 

Your castle can be expanded with new rooms and items, plus workstations for underlings. It appears to feature a turn-based combat system with players equipping heroes with gear to battle enemies and gather resources to grow their kingdom. 

The Elder Scrolls: Castles has soft-launched in the Philippines and will become available in other regions over the next few months. It is the third mobile game in the series, following The Elder Scrolls: Blades, a traditional RPG, in 2019 and The Elder Scrolls: Legends, a collectible card game, in 2017.

Source: Game Informer The Elder Scrolls: Castles Is A New Mobile Game From The Team Behind Fallout Shelter