WTMG’s Thomas Medina: “Dungeons 4 was the gaming palette cleanser I didnt know I was looking for. Its story is nonsense told very well, but its gameplay loop is practiced, iterated, and masterful. Mission and map design is unique with varied and distinct units. It could be easy for the game to be too much or complex is instead the first RTS Ive ever played with a controller that actually felt comfortable. I switched between my PC and Steam Deck freely, never feeling like I was missing something on the Deck that would affect my gameplay performance. That alone blew my socks off and made it a permanent install for my Steam Deck. Its a fun game, supported by expert design and a smooth always entertaining gameplay loop. What more could I ask for? ”

Source: N4G PC Review – Dungeons 4 (PC) | WayTooManyGames