CG writes: In this video we use Praydogs free-of-charge REFramework VR mod for PCVR using the Quest 3 and Virtual Desktop Combo. Its an iconic scene from Resident Evil 8 (Resident Evil Village). As already extensively documented, the VR mod is pretty fantastic and adds motion control support. Running on Quest 3 almost feels like a native VR game aside from no interactions with inanimate objects which the game doesnt really need to feel like VR. With such great visuals and character models, Resident Evil 8 Quest 3 is up there with the best VR experiences to-date. In this video, we role-play a little with the Ethan character who messes-up pretty badly in this scene. Would be interesting if developers actually included an audio option to mute just the player character so people could make their own dialogue for these types of videos. Either way, listening back and we think theres some resemblance to the Darkness character from The Darkness video game.

Source: N4G PC Resident Evil 8 Quest 3 Gameplay – Ethan