CCG writes – “Etrian Odyssey HD is a solid remake of the original Nintendo DS classic, and is a ton of fun for those who enjoy classic dungeon crawlers. While future games (and even future ones in the Origins Collection) have more to them, I think there is a certain charm to the pure simplicity of the original. With that said, $39.99 is not cheap, but then again, you do get a whole lot of play time out of it. Personally, I would spring for the whole Origins Collection if you’re interested in this series, as if you like one you’ll probably love them all. Regardless, if you do decide to check out the mysteries of the Labyrinth, and love that classic tough-as-nails gameplay, then I think you’ll love Etrian Odyssey HD.”

Source: N4G PC Etrian Odyssey HD review – ChristCenteredGamer