WTMG’s Heidi Hawes: “It pains me to say that I found Verne: The Shape of Fantasy to be a somewhat bland experience. This is especially disheartening because the premise was so creative. To me, it just didnt live up to its potential. The story was too slow and predictable, and the gameplay was either too easy or too frustrating. To give credit where credit is due, it is a beautiful game, and I enjoyed learning more about Jules Verne, even if it didnt necessarily add to the story. Its a short experience, only taking about three to four hours to complete, so if youre a diehard Jules Verne fan, then it might be worth your time. Just dont expect Verne: The Shape of Fantasy to be overly imaginative.”

Source: N4G PC Review – Verne: The Shape of Fantasy (PC) | WayTooManyGmes