Travis Bruno of Capsule Computers writes:

“A name like Baldurs Gate carries a lot of weight with it. The RPG series blew fans away back when the original two titles were released due to their sheer scale of storytelling, world-building, and variability with gameplay that the attempt to follow-up on such a pair of games seemed like an impossible endeavor, especially with the ever increasing popularity of its Dungeons & Dragons based mechanics. That is likely why it has been over twenty years since the last original release in the Baldur’s Gate series but now a new developer Larian Studios chose to take on the challenge with Baldur’s Gate III. After spending nearly three years in Early Access the developer has released the entirety of Baldur’s Gate III for fans to experience, but will it live up to its predecessors?”

Source: N4G PC Baldurs Gate 3 Review [Capsule Computers]