This guide will show you where to find a gun in Prey. In Prey, you start the game with nothing but a wrench, and it’s not very fast or effective at taking out the Tychon. You’re going to want a gun, a pistol or a shotgun, thankfully we’re here to tell you where to get your first gun in Prey.

How to Get a Gun

The first weapon you get in Prey, aside from the Wrench, is the GLOO Gun, but it’s not very usefull when it comes to killing the Tychon – it’s mainly good for climbing. To kill these Mimics and Phantoms easily, you’ll want to collect the Shotgun or the Silenced Pistol. You can use a gun like the Disruptor Stunt Gun, but it’s not as effective as blowing them to bits with the Shotgun.

If you pre-ordered Prey, you’ll find a bunch of goodies in the locker in your office, one of which is the The Margrave shotgun. For those of you who don’t have the pre-order bonus, there is a way for you to get a shotgun well before you reach the office.

As soon as you enter the Talos I Lobby and see part of the station explode, you will want to head to the Security Station which can be found on the right side of Level 1. Be careful, because the area is crawling with Mimics. To kill them easily, lure them down to the Shuttle Bay and into the line-of-fire of the Turret.

Head through the Security door and jump up onto the yellow pipes. Crouch-walk along the pipes and through the hole in the wall, this will place you above the Security Station. Jump down into the office and you’ll find the Shotgun sitting on the desk with some shells.

From here, you can use the keycards and information you find to unlock the doors to leave. Now all you need to do is find some Mimics, Phantoms, and other Tychon to use your Shotgun on!

If you read this guide, you should now know where to find a gun in Prey.

Source: Shacknews Prey – Where to Find a Gun