From GameWatcher: “Ive harbored little affection for Red Barrels Outlast series. The original game was a decent, albeit chaotic horror title, but its sequel was a disappointment for me – a missed shot that felt more frustrating than fun. It seemed evident (at least, from my perspective) that the series required a significant shift in its design for a successful comeback.

The Outlast Trials appears to be that much-needed change. While it retains the core elements of the original, it also introduces a plethora of new features that align much more harmoniously with the games ambiance than what Outlast 2 attempted. This feels like the true incarnation of Outlast, and its just starting to heat up. In some ways, it should be alarming to see Red Barrels pivot to a co-op focus, but not only does it work in its favor, but it also works just as well as a solo experience.”

Source: N4G PC The Outlast Trials Preview – Red Barrels brutal social experiment will leave you feeling Saw – GW