WTMG’s Leo Faria: “I still need to commend the fact that, indeed, Kill It With Fire VR is much better than its non-VR counterpart, but mostly by default. That game just was plain bad to begin with, so adapting it to a more immersive medium, with the addition of (clunky) motion controls to mess around with would automatically make it more engaging. Sadly, just like the original Kill It With Fire, it is fun for an hour, maybe two, but it will then get boring pretty quickly. This kind of game just isnt groundbreaking or amusing in the VR realm anymore, so theres little incentive to grab it unless you were REALLY into the original in the first place. Which, Im pretty sure you werent.”

Source: N4G PC Review – Kill It With Fire VR (Quest 2) | WayTooManyGames