CG writes: Take a look at this rather dark and foggy look at the new Cyberpunk 2077 overdrive mode which improves the ray tracing effects dramatically. We run the game using 4K but the game set to DLSS auto with AI upscaling will lower that down considerably. That said, all other settings are pretty much maxed out to at the very lest Ultra. Were using a pretty much top-spec consumer PC, RTX 4090, i5 13600K CPU, 32GB RAM, Windows 11, etc. Also take note that were recording 130K bitrate 4K using Nvidia Shadowplay. Either way, Cyberpunk already looked great, and looks marvellous now. Skip to the 8 minute mark to see the in-game benchmark.

Source: N4G PC Cyberpunk 2077 Overdrive Mode Looks Insane on RTX 4090 DLSS Auto Max settings (video in 4K)