CG writes:Cyberpunk themed VR action game, LONN released at the tail-end of last year (on PC), and seems to have been received very well from the PC VR community (currently 20% OFF in the Steam Easter Sale). However, developer SixSense Studios has expressed [to Cram-Gaming] a desire to bring the game to Playstation VR 2. Whilst not offering any official announcements at this time, it’s unclear whether this is just something they would like to do, or a project currently in the making. We think it would make a perfect fit for Playstation VR gamers, and unlike some other upcoming cyberpunk VR games, shouldn’t push the PS5 hardware too much converting from the PC version which runs buttery smooth. Take a look at some LONN gameplay to get an idea of what to expect and keep those fingers crossed they manage to bring it to PSVR 2.

Source: N4G PC LONN Gameplay 60 Minutes of Cyberpunk VR Developer wants to bring it to PSVR 2