Jason say, “Truth is, this really is Nioh 3, except world-swapped for a historical period in China. The fights focus heavily on encouraging aggressive, action-focused moves, and this really matters when it comes to bosses. It feels different in just the right way from the usual Souls formula, and the difficulty is also just right thanks to an excellent tutorial boss. The exploration is a bit stale, though, especially with how similar it is to its predecessors, but they do a good job of fitting you into Chinas darkest era through a combination of artstyle and decent Chinese voice actors albeit, in an aged, stuttering engine. And while its a far cry from the size of Elden Ring, I still enjoyed my time learning to parry or be a dishonor to my whole family.”

Source: N4G PC Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Review – Parry or Be a Dishonor to My Whole Family | Zyro-EG