Deep Silver Volition writes: “We know weve been promising new content for Saints Row, and were delighted to finally be able to tell you we have DLC expansions launching in May, July and August of this year.

Together, these DLC packs will add new campaign missions, gameplay, weapons, vehicles, cosmetics, and more across both new and well-travelled parts of Santo Ileso. Youll be able to buy these expansions separately, but if you own the Expansion Pass theyll be yours when they launch.

Two of the packs will be expansions to the main Saints Row campaign (with all new missions set in all new city districts), following the continuing adventures of the Saints and their enemy factions. And one pack will introduce an all-new solo game mode experience within an (even more) twisted version of one of our favorite areas of Santo Ileso

We cant wait to show you more on these very soon.”

Source: N4G PC Saints Row 2023 Roadmap