From GameWatcher: “After the relative success of the fifth Project Zero (aka Fatal Frame) being remastered, Koei Tecmo is now bringing the fourth installment; Mask of the Lunar Eclipse, to modern PCs and consoles. This marks the first time its appeared in the West since its initial release 15 years ago, and the first time it has been on anything outside of the Nintendo Wii. We got a look at the opening chapters of what should feel like a fresh shot of ghost-snapping terror.

In an age when horror game remakes are prevalent, theres something rather refreshing about getting a new Project Zero game that understandably plays like its a step back from Maiden of Black Water. For many Project Zero fans old and new, this will be the first time theyll have got their hands on the elusive Mask of the Lunar Eclipse, and its certainly got plenty to please fans with. At times, its like stepping into the series in its prime, but that comes with its own drawbacks.”

Source: N4G PC Project Zero: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse Preview – A satisfying snapshot of the past – GameWatcher