mina the hollower documentary

Earlier this year, I flew to Los Angeles to learn about the making of Mina The Hollower, Yacht Club Games’ new Game Boy Color-inspired follow-up to Shovel Knight. Following the studio’s successful Kickstarter earlier this year, Game Informer sheds light on Mina The Hollower’s origins as developer Alec Faulkner’s side project, how he pitched the game to the Yacht Club, and ultimately, how the team hopes to deliver a game as prolific as Shovel Knight.

This multi-part video game documentary, directed by yours truly, debuts next Wednesday, December 7th, on our YouTube channel. Want to support this work? Consider sharing the trailer on your favorite social media platform, watching it with a friend, or purchasing an annual subscription to Game Informer Magazine. If you’d like to share your feedback with me, reach out on Twitter or Instagram.  

Source: Game Informer Watch The Trailer For Our Upcoming Mina The Hollower Documentary, Debuting Next Week