Check out the new hot daily deals for today, including the lowest price ever on a 2022 42" LG C2 4K OLED gaming TV, new AirPods Pro 2nd gen preorder, WD SN850 PS5-compatible SSD, Acer Predator RTX 3070 gaming PC, a crazy good Humble 2K Megahits PC game bundle, 20% off a Plex Lifetime subscription, and more.

New Lowest Price Ever: 42" LG Evo C2 4K OLED Gaming TV for Only $1146.99

The 42" LG Evo C2 OLED TV has hit its lowest price ever on Amazon. The 42" replaces LG's 48" as the smallest 4K OLED TV on the market. The only OLED TV that matches this size is the Sony A90K, which costs $150 more at the moment. It performs just as well as its larger sized siblings as a gaming TV and its perfect for a smaller space, but where it really shines is as a gaming monitor for your PC. The 42" size is a better size than the 48" for most of us when we sit only a few feet away from our monitors. The C2 is LG's newest 2022 model and it is jam packed with features, like the new Evo panel with a higher brightness rating, HDMI 2.1 ports for 4K @ 120Hz on the PS5, Xbox Series X, or RTX 30 series gaming PC, VRR, ALLM, 4:4:4 chroma sampling, G-SYNC, GeForce Now and Stadia streaming support, sub-1ms response time, near infinite contrast ratio and black levels, and more.

$9 Off New Apple AirPods Pro 2nd Gen Preorder

If you're weren't interested in the new AirPods Pro 2nd Gen earbuds in the first place, this $9 discount won't change your mind. But if you were planning to preorder one anyways, you might as well take the gratuitous savings. It has been almost three years since the first gen Apple AirPods Pro was released, so there are plenty of upgrades under the hood, even if the new AirPods Pro looks cosmetically identical. The biggest upgrade is the new Apple H2 chip, which promises better audio quality and improved active noice cancellation. There's also a new feature called "Adaptive Transparency Mode". This mode actually amplifies the ambient sound so that you can hear your surroundings better. In-ear earbuds traditionally have very good noise suppression even without active noise cancellation enabled, so this is a great way for people to listen in on the outside world without having to remove the earbuds.

Officially PS5 Certified: WD Black SN850 M.2 SSD

Today Amazon has the 1TB WD Black SN850 PS5-compatible SSD with heatsink for just a tad over $100. The WD SN850 is currently the most popular and one of the best SSDs to get for your PS5 storage upgrade. It's also the only SSD that's officially certified for the PS5 console. It's blazing fast drive with transfer speeds rated at up to 7,000 MB/s and a PCIe Gen4 interface. This model even includes a heatsink that fits in the PS5 slot and is more robust than most other preattached heatsinks from other brands.

Acer Predator Orion 3000 Intel Core i7-11700F RTX 3070 Gaming PC for $1314.92

There's a new price drop on this Acer Predator Orion 3000 gaming PC that makes it almost $100 less that what we saw on Amazon Prime Day. The RTX 3070 is significantly more powerful than the RTX 3060 Ti or the RTX 2080 SUPER. It is the perfect card for 1440p gaming, even at high refresh rates. It's paired with an 11th generation Intel Core i7-11700F 8-core CPU, 16GB of RAM, 512GB SSD, and 1TB HDD. The case looks slick too, with its windowed side panel and RGB lighting.

Alienware Aurora R10 RTX 3080 Gaming PC for $1673

Amazon has the best price on this RTX 3080 equipped Alienware Aurora gaming PC. The RTX 3080 is your best bang for your buck for 60+fps 4K gaming. It's significantly more powerful than the RTX 3070 or the RTX 2080 Ti. In addition to the powerful RTX 3080 GPU, this PC boasts a liquid-cooled AMD Ryzen 7 5800X 8-core processor, 16GB of RAM, and a 1TB SSD.

20% Off Plex Pass Lifetime Subscription

Plex hosts this offer only once or twice a year, and it's the best deal you'll find for a Plex Pass subscription. A lifetime sub normally costs $119.95, so you'd be paying a one time only fee of $95.99 after the discount. Plex is an incredibly useful service that lets you organize your movies, TVs, podcasts, and music from all of your different sources into one centralized location, and then stream them to any of your devices, like your TV, PC, or phone.

2K Megahits PC Bundle at Humble

The latest Humble Bundle is easily one of the best deals we've seen for PC gamers this year. Pay as low as $16 and you'll get 18 games, including some amazing titles like the XCOM Ultimate Collection (includes XCOM 2), Bioshock: The Collection, Civilization VI, Borderlands 3 Super Deluxe Edition, and Mafia Definitive Edition. This incredible bundle goes away on September 22, so grab it before then if you want it.

Nintendo Switch OLED for for $309

Amazon Store UK has the Nintendo Switch OLED with White Joy-Cons for only $309. That's only $10 more than the cost of the Nintendo Switch non-OLED model. The Nintendo Switch OLED features a larger, more vibrant OLED touchscreen display, an upgrade to the terrible OG kickstand, an ethernet port on the docking station, and an exclusive white Switch shell and matching Joy-Cons. If you have the budget to spring for this one, we definitely think it's worth the upgrade over the vanilla Switch.

Note that since this is shipped from Amazon Store UK and not Amazon, you'll be receiving the UK version of the Switch OLED. The Switch OLED is not region locked, so you'll be able to play US games without any hassle. However, you'll be receiving a UK plug. You'll need to get a UK to US plug adapter in order to charge your Switch here in the States.

Gigabyte GeForce RTX 3090 Ti GPU for $999.99

There's a big price drop on inarguably the most powerful consumer video card on the market right now. The Gigabyte GeForce RTX 3090 Ti GPU, which launched earlier in the year with an eye watering MSRP of $1999, has dropped a whopping $1000 today to $999.99. The RTX 3090 Ti is roughly 20%-25% faster than the RTX 3080 and about 10% faster than the RTX 3090 at 4K resolutions and beyond. At under 4K resolutions, this card would be completely overkill. For most people, saving $350 and going withe the RTX 3080 deal mentioned below would probably be the better proposition. But if you absolutely want the best of the best, you can't beat this price.

Alienware x15 RTX 3070 Gaming Laptop for $1499.99

This might be the lowest price we've ever seen for an Alienware x15 with an RTX 3070 GPU. The Alienware x15 is a newer, thinner redesign of the m15. In fact, it's the thinnest Alienware laptop ever. Because it hasn't been around as long, it's harder to find a good deal on it. This particular config comes well equipped with an 11th gen Intel Core i7-11800H CPU, RTX 3070 GPU with a TDP rating of 110W (with dynamic boost), 16GB of RAM, and a 512GB SSD. There's even a coupon code that drops the price by another $100.

10% Off the Alienware AW2521HLF 25" 1080p 240Hz Gaming Monitor Plus Extra $100 Dell Promo Gift Card

The Alienware AW2521HLF 25" monitor is designed for games that benefit from the absolute highest framerate, especially shooters like Fortnite, PUBG, Apex Legends, CoD, or Battlefield. The 1080p resolution is very forgiving on video cards; an RTX 3060 Ti and still potentially reach the 240Hz cap that this monitor supports. The 240Hz refresh rate is paired with a fast 1ms response time and NVIDIA G-SYNC compatibility. The IPS panel offers wide viewing angles and 99% sRGB color coverage. Alienware monitors come with a 3 year warranty.

Preorder The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom for Nintendo Switch

The sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild now has a title and a release date. The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is out on May 12, 2023. That's a long ways off, but Amazon already has it up for preorder. BotW is one of the best Zelda games ever, and we expect Tears of the Kingdom to be another must-buy for the Nintendo Switch console. Amazon's Preorder Price Guarantee means that if the price ever drops below the amount you preordered for, Amazon will automatically honor the lower price.

Apple AirPods Max Headphones (Apple Certified Reconditioned) for $369.99

Today, Woot has a pair of Apple Certified Reconditioned AirPods Max headphones for $369.99, a hefty $170 (33%) price drop from the original MSRP of $549. Woot states that these Apple Certified refurbs appear practically brand new and are shipped in a custom padded brown box. They include a 90-day limited Woot warranty. Woot itself is owned by Amazon, so you can get free shipping if you're an Amazon Prime member.

Preorder the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 Core for Only $129

The Xbox Elite Series 2 Core wireless controller will be released on September 21. This is fundamentally the same controller as the older generation Xbox Elite Series 2 controller at a much lower MSRP. The Elite Series 2 Core controller features pro gaming features like adjustable-tension thumbsticks, wrap-around rubberized grip, and shorter hair trigger locks. Microsoft was able to significantly cut the price by removing some of the accessories that the original Elite controller came with. Specifically, the Elite Series 2 Core does not come with the extra paddles, thumbsticks, and d-pad. These accessories are still compatible with the Elite Series 2 Core, but if you want to get them, you'd have to buy them separately.

Apple iPad 10.2" 64GB for $279.99

This is the lowest price we've seen for the newest Apple iPad (it was $299 on Amazon Prime Day). Apple's latest 10.2" iPad is a great option for school, work, or simply relaxing with your favorite movie, book, or streaming service. It features the new Apple A13 Bionic chip for fast CPU and GPU performance to tackle just about anything, and the large 10.2-inch Retina display ensures everything is bright and crisp during use. iPad also features both a front-facing camera for voice chat, and rear camera for taking photos and videos.

Preorder the Sega Genesis Mini 2 from Amazon JP

This is one the only ways to get your hands on a Sega Genesis Mini 2 preorder, which releases in late October. This is the new and improved version of the Sega Genesis Mini that was released back in 2019, with better hardware, a small footprint based on the Sega Genesis Model 2, and and over 50 preloaded games including Sonic the Hedgehog CD, Shining Force CD, Virtua Racing and more (not all games have been announced). Note that there will be a $21.99 overseas shipping charge.

40% Off HBO Max When You Prepay For a Year

Game of Thrones' House of the Dragon Premieres August 21

Pay for 12 months of HBO Max and get 40% off your order total. HBO Max is normally $9.99/month ($119.88/yr) for the ad-supported plan and $14.99/month ($179.88/yr) for the ad-free plan. Instead you'd be paying $69.99 for 1 year of the ad-supported plan or $104.99 for 1 year of the ad-free plan. That's technically a savings of 41.6%.

This is the perfect time to sign up for HBO Max. The highly anticipated Game of Thrones' House of the Dragon premiered exclusively on HBO Max starting August 21. Set 200 years before the events of the original Game of Thrones TV series, House of the Dragon covers the fall of House Targaryen. In addition to Game of Thrones, HBO Max is host to the entire collection of DC movies (including The Batman), Harry Potter series, Lord of the Rings and movies like Dune, King Richard, Free Guy, and much, much more.

Newest Apple TV 4K 32GB and 64GB Both on Sale

The Apple TV 4K happened to be one of Amazon Prime Day's hottest sellers. Today the price has dropped down to the same as what we saw on Prime Day. The newest Apple TV features two major upgrades. It boasts an A12 Bionic processor that boosts graphics performance, video decoding, and audio processing and delivers high frame rate HDR with Dolby Vision. It also includes a new Apple TV remote. The overall build quality is better than before, but the biggest enhancements are a 5-way clickpad, mute button, and dedicated power button that works for your TV, receiver, and Apple TV.

EVGA XR1 Pro Capture Card for $89.99

The EVGA XR1 Pro Capture Card normally sells for $219.99, but Amazon has it for only $89.99 today. That's significantly cheaper than even the non-Pro model. The XR1 allows you to capture up to 1440p @ 60fps or 4K @ 30fps video It also supports 1440p @ 144Hz or 4K @ 60Hz passthrough. It's OBS certified for audio capture. This is a great way to record high resolution video and audio without stealing valuable CPU or GPU resources.

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