Writer Brian Michael Bendis is having a very busy fall, debuting several new creator-owned projects at various publishers. Bendis' latest new series, a graphic novel trilogy called Phenomena, should appeal to anyone who loves the fantasy world of Avatar: The Last Airbender or Bendis' past work on Ultimate Spider-Man.

Phenomena pairs Bendis with artist André Lima Araújo (A Righteous Thirst for Vengeance). The first volume in the trilogy, Phenomena Book One: The Golden City of Eyes, is on sale now, and IGN can debut an exclusive preview. Check it out in the slideshow gallery below:

Here's the official summary for Phenomena Book One:

“Everyone tells you . . . you’re going to see something you’ve never seen before. That’s what everyone said. Who doesn’t want to see something they’ve never seen?”

Phenomena is the story of a young boy named Boldon and his warrior friend Spike—survivors of a phenomena that took over Earth years ago. Not an apocalypse . . . something far more interesting. We follow Boldon and Spike as they are forced to team up with another lost orphan of the world, Matilde. The trio of heroes go on a globetrotting adventure that takes them to a magical, mysterious place called the Golden City of Eyes.

As they quest across this epically crazy new world looking for answers and purpose, they face off against dark forces big and small, changing the world better along the way. In each book in the series, our heroes travel to different parts of the magical world of Phenomena by various modes of transportation, each more and more fantastical than the mode that preceded it. Each journey is personal, and every chapter takes the trio toward a different, visually iconic destination, and each location, character, and chapter reveals clues to the shape of the world and how they got there—and, ultimately, their purpose.

Phenomena: The Golden City of Eyes is published through Abrams ComicArts. The book is 144-pages-long and is priced at $24.99. You can order a copy through Amazon or various other retailers.

Bendis is also gearing up to debut a new series called The Ones at Dark Horse, one that explores what happens when a team of supposed chosen ones is assembled to battle the universe's true incarnation of "The One."

Abrams ComicArt also recently released their first collaboration with Marvel, Alex Ross' graphic novel Fantastic Four: Full Circle.

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