If you're a fighting game fan, you've surely heard of Moment 37: when Daigo Umehara parried every single kick of Justin Wong's Chun-Li super in Street Fighter 3: Third Strike at Evo 2004. It's arguably the most iconic fighting game moment of all time.

Now, you can own a replica of that legendary moment, thanks to this officially-licensed Pixel Frame from Capcom, which is available for purchase now at the IGN Store. This 9×9 display piece recreates Moment 37, showing one of many counters Ken pulled off against Chun-Li.

There are plenty of other Pixel Frames available over at the IGN Store, including options from some of the most famous classic gaming franchises, like Sonic the Hedgehog, Mega Man, Castlevania, and more. Check out a full list of options below.

That's not all that's new at the IGN Store this week. We've got Marvel and Star Wars statues, a figure of the fearsome Furious Rajang from Monster Hunter, video game statues and toys from Zelda, LittleBigPlanet, Undertale, and more.

For more on Moment 37, check out our video on the subject, where we interviewed three FGC pros: James Chen, LI Joe, and Justin Wong himself.

Source: IGN.com Street Fighter III: Third Strike Moment 37 Pixel Frame Available in the IGN Store