Dragon Age fans have something to tide them over as they wait for Dragon Age: Dreadwolf. Today, at Netflix Geeked Week, we got our first look at a new animated series from BioWare based on its beloved property called Dragon Age Absolution.

The showcased a cool animated style and new characters in the universe. However, it was not confirmed if this will tie into the upcoming game. The trailer stated: “New heroes will rise” and “a new saga begins,” making it seem like it offers a fresh entry point to the franchise. It’s also been a long time since we had some new Dragon Age lore. At the forefront of the trailer was a mysterious new character, as well as big powers and big baddies. 

Dragon Age Absolution hits in December. 

You can also watch the full trailer above to analyze every little detail. 

Source: Game Informer Netflix Animated Series Dragon Age Absolution Revealed