Now that Rogue Legacy 2 has gone 1.0, I’ll be touring its finished state today on Twitch at 2 p.m. Central

Rogue Legacy 2 has been in early access for a couple of years, building upon its predecessor’s fun – and challenging – roguelite formula. You still control members of a warrior bloodline who must battle through a procedurally generated castle rife with dangers. Every death gives you a new character you can outfit with helpful/strange genetic traits, from dealing increased attack damage to farting every time you perform an action. 

Watch on Twitch!

Look forward to watching a fun stream as I’ll likely be sending an entire generation of warriors to their doom. Our review will arrive in the coming days, so be sure to read our review in progress for editor John Carson’s current thoughts on the game. 

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Source: Game Informer Rogue Legacy 2 | Game Informer Live