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Saber Interactive

May 13, 2022


As the Demon in Evil Dead: The Game, you have a lot of work to do – after all, you have to beat 4 other players! However, you have a rather nasty toolbox at your command, full of traps, possessions, and even the ability to summon horrific boss monsters that will destroy your prey. Of course, the first challenge is simply to find them, a task that can be daunting given how big the map is. Survivors can do things that give away their position too like riding in cars, so it’s important to pay close attention to the minimap. 

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Early on you wander along, collecting infernal energy, setting up traps, and accumulating power so that when you do face your well-armed opponents you’ll be ready to crush them. You can take a peek at all the demonic action in this exclusive gameplay video!

Source: Game Informer Evil Dead: The Game – Exclusive Demon Gameplay (4K)