Fortnite dataminers have seemingly found confirmation that the game's limited-time "no build" mode is here to stay.

Building was removed from Fortnite's default mode earlier this week as its Chapter 3 Season 2 began, but new leaks suggest that developer Epic Games plans to include it later as a separate game mode.

The HYPEX Twitter account, a popular Fortnite news feed, claimed that datamining shows that players will have the option to choose between Fortnite's usual, building-enabled battle royale or its no build mode when the current season ends. This is further backed up by apparent loading screen tips that say "in modes with building enabled…"

Another popular Fortnite leaks account, TweaBR, has also shown off what appear to be menu graphics for the new mode. TheaBR's tweet also claims that no build mode will be available to play in Solo, Duos, Trios, and Squads.

Both of these accounts have shared leaks in the past that proved to be accurate, but Epic Games is yet to give any official confirmation on whether or not the new mode will be sticking around. Fortnite seasons usually last around ten weeks, meaning it could be May before players find out for sure.

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Source: Fortnite Datamining Suggests 'No Build' Mode Will Be Sticking Around