Dying Light 2's first story expansion won't add anything beyond the game's ending, and will take place "sideways to the main events".

Developer Techland has previously kept quiet on what its two upcoming story DLCs will be about, but Dying Light 2's lead game designer Tymon Smektała shared the first details with Game Informer.

"We don’t want to fall into this repeating pattern where players will kind of know what to expect from us," he said. "The first story DLC that we have promised, I’ve seen a lot of speculation online about what it will be and I can say confidently that they weren’t close to the mark."

The first injection of story content will therefore exist "sideways to the main events", though Techland will seemingly expand the ending with future updates. While it only has two story DLCs planned for the time being, the success of Dying Light 2 will likely lead to further content drops.

Smektała added: "At some point we will actually start adding to the events that happened at the end of the game. We have some ideas. On paper, as they are implemented right now, it seems promising, but definitely, this will be a challenge."

The decision to place the new missions before Dying Light 2's ending is as practical for Techland as it is interesting, due to the game's branching storyline. Players can make various decisions that affect the overall world and story, including some major ones at the end of the game, making it difficult to continue the narrative without contradicting some players' choices.

It's not clear if the new DLC will add new potential endings, or change the ones we've already seen.

In our 7/10 review, IGN said "Dying Light 2 Stay Human is an ambitious zombie action adventure that's packed with top-notch parkour, an awesome open world, and every painful bug in the book," though later patches included thousands of fixes.

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Source: IGN.com Dying Light 2's First Story DLC Won't Take Place After the Game's Ending