If you were busy doing important things such as sleeping, Capcom announced Street Fighter 6 during the wee hours of the morning following the conclusion of the Capcom Pro Tour. A brief cinematic teaser trailer of Ryu and Street Fighter V upstart Luke is all we have to go on for now in terms of details, but that doesn’t mean we can’t speculate on what we want/expect from the title. So World Warriors, what do you want from Street Fighter 6?

As a Street Fighter fan who grew up loving SF II, was less hot on III, got back on the wagon with IV, and completely skipped V, I’m not entirely sure myself. I’m confident the gameplay itself will be fine, but the reason I never got around to playing the fifth game was due to its infamously botched launch. SF V released missing desired features (like an arcade/story mode) for so long that I had stopped caring and occupied myself with other fighting games by the time they arrived. So I suppose my number one request for Street Fighter 6 is not to do that again. 

I’d also like to see a completely new art direction. Though I loved SF IV’s aesthetic, which was carried over to a lesser extent in V, a new look would really freshen things up and make it feel like a true sequel. The reveal trailer looked mostly unlike the past two entries, though that could just be for the cinematic. We’ll have to wait for gameplay footage/screenshots to see how Street Fighter 6 truly appears. Oh, and make the game multiplatform this time around with cross-play and all that good stuff. 

Now that my boring requests are out of the way, it’s your turn: what do you want to see in Street Fighter 6?

Source: Game Informer What Do You Want From Street Fighter 6?