Its safe to say that Battlefield 2042 fans arent having the greatest experience at the moment. Several persistent bugs plague online servers, and with delays to so-called legacy features and the season one update, its no surprise that the games player count has plummeted. Despite that, DICE is ploughing on with weekly missions, designed to reward loyal players with skins to deck their best Battlefield 2042 specialists out with. Unfortunately for the dev team, the latest reward the elite tactical beanie is turning heads for all the wrong reasons.

The beanie, which fits snugly onto Angels head, is currently available for players who rack up 30 kills or assists in a game, disrupt or spot 100 enemies, and earn 15 intel or wingman ribbons. While that might sound like a lot, its not the requirements that are turning heads its the design.

Source: N4G PC Battlefield 2042s new tactical beanie looks suspiciously like another