From PCGamesN: “More than two years after launch, Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition keeps getting new goodies. The remastered strategy game has just got another major update, which brings a new co-op event, two new co-op campaigns, rewards, bug fixes, and more.

Age of Empires II: DEs Update 58259 catchy, isnt it? has kicked off a new co-op event that runs from, well, right now to February 14. This is offering a new bunch of challenges that in turn yield some decent in-game rewards, which you can earn by beating the set tasks within a certain time limit. In the style of similar events the devs have run before, this one gets you to complete a set of challenges in order, with five in total. You wont need to hit them all on consecutive days, but you can only complete up to a maximum of one per day, so youll need to play on at least five different days while the events live to nab them all.”

Source: N4G PC Major Age of Empires 2: DE update brings new co-op event and campaigns