From GOG: “Entering a new year is like leveling up in a game new adventures and challenges await, which you approach with all previously gained skills. This is a moment that drives us, and today wed like to give you a general overview of what is to come this year on GOG, but without spoilers no one likes those.

2021 went with many exciting activities on GOG as well as lets be open about it with some hard knocks. All of those events allow us to gain more experience, learn from our successes and mistakes and grow in our constant pursuit of delivering you the best gamer-centric platform with a selection of exceptional games, from timeless classics to new releases, and respect for ownership. This approach wont change this year either, and wed like to let you know about two areas that were putting in the spotlight in 2022.”

Source: N4G PC GOG 2022 update: A look at the present. A glimpse into the future