From VG247: “This year, Street Fighter turns 35 years old. Yes, its been that long since the first game showed up in arcades, revolutionizing the concept of fighting games with, er two playable characters and massive pressure-sensitive buttons that mashed your clenched fist into mincemeat as you had to hammer them ridiculously hard to get heavy attacks. Yeah. Thats not what the series is remembered for at all.

The series is really remembered for Street Fighter 2, of course. In fact, its easy to imagine a world where that first game never got a sequel, and what a worse world that is – with no Street Fighter, theres no Mortal Kombat, no King of Fighters, no Killer Instinct… its not worth thinking about.”

Source: N4G PC Capcom has to get Street Fighter 6 right, and not just for the sake of the series 35th anniversary