CCG writes – “Dual Souls: The Last Bearer has an interesting history. It all starts with a Game Boy Advance title from 2002 called Dual Blades. This is an obscure 2D side-by-side fighting game that released in Japan and North America. They produced, but never released, an EU version as well. In 2013, Slashers: The Power Battle was released, on both Steam and mobile platforms. This is the sequel to Dual Blades, as many of the characters were carried forward, but rather than use a classic pixel art style, it used flash-style art, where characters are drawn skeletally instead of via pixels. Dual Souls: The Last Bearer is the sequel to Slashers, and uses updated and higher-resolution art assets, but follows the similar art style of Slashers: The Power Battle. Interestingly, while Slashers: The Power Battle was pulled from Steam, it is included, along with the unreleased EU version of Dual Blades, if you buy the Complete Edition DLC for Dual Souls: The Last Bearer.”

Source: N4G PC Dual Souls: The Last Bearer review – ChristCenteredGamer