Splitgate was one of the most surprising games of 2021 thanks to its free-to-play open beta that surged in popularity when brought to consoles. While it enjoyed a successful summer, with concurrent player counts well into the hundreds of thousands, many worried that by the end of the year it would suffer at the hands of the series that influenced it: Halo.

Halo Infinites multiplayer has been incredibly popular, but one person that was not at all concerned about the prospect of Splitgate being pushed aside is Ian Proulx, the CEO of 1047 Games. Speaking to The Loadout, Proulx a lifelong fan of arena shooters, with Halo 2 being a personal favourite says that he was never worried about Halos impact on Splitgate, and thinks that in the current first-person shooter market, the two games can actually work together to revitalise their shared genre.

Source: N4G PC Splitgate and Halo Infinite can help each other to revitalise arena shooters says 1047 Games