As impressive as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is, theres no denying that Fortnite has become the most well-known game for collaborations and crossovers. At any point today you could load up a Fornite match and see Ryu, a Predator, Snake Eyes from G.I. Joe, Ariana Grande, Aloy from Horizon, Batman, Rick Sanchez, LeBron James and Guggimon all duking it out in Boney Burbs.

There have been 47 crossover skins added to Fornite in 2021 alone, with the total number nearing 100. Fornite will eventually surpass Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as the biggest video game collaboration of all time, but it wont live up to Smashs legacy. No matter how many skins and events Fornite adds, it will never be able to match the care and compassion that Smash Bros. puts into every character. In fact, Fortnites approach to crossovers-as-marketing will only become more soulless, opportunistic, and depersonalized as Epics vision of the Metaverse becomes a reality.

Source: N4G PC As Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Ends, Fornite's Metaverse Is The Dark Future Of Crossovers