Vamers says: “Deathloop may not be Dishonored 3 or a Prey sequel, but one thing is certain: Arkane Lyon delivered yet another intellectual property worthy of keeping an eye on. The game simply astonishes with how its world-building, narrative, and gameplay all work together in masterful ways to deliver an incredibly unique experience. At face value, the game looks like any another Arkane title, and upon first boot, it may even feel like it is. After a little bit of further inspection and a whole lot of prodding, however, the surface-level worries are immediately blown out of the water. There is an ocean of gameplay possibilities, new and unique ways of Memento mori inspired storytelling, and world-building unlike any other. The game may not be the be-all-and-end-all, but it most certainly sets the bar for first-person action going forward. Simply superb”.

Source: N4G PC Deathloop Review: Once More, with Feeling | Vamers