From The Loadout “Scavengers has been gestating ever since it launched into open beta earlier this year, and for the most part it has intrigued me with its PvPvE twist on the battle royale genre. However, with countless other releases and a constant flurry of live-service seasons, I have never hopped in to see what Midwinter Entertainments game offered. With Scavengers Season One, titled Winters Fury, that will change.

Launching on September 15, Winters Fury is the first fully-fledged season for Scavengers after its Season 0 launch earlier in the summer. It brings with it the first paid battle pass and a brand new playable character, Rin. The Loadout was invited to get an early hands-on with Rin and Winters Fury, and its safe to say that I found myself immediately drawn into Scavengers unique, engaging, cat-and-mouse battle royale gameplay.”

Source: N4G PC Scavengers Winters Fury preview: Rin becomes the most valuable character yet