Jason says, “This is a rough one because I review games as a whole and dont just pick and choose what I want to run with as a final summation. On the one hand, this game sticks with you until you finish it: the way I had to manipulate the game world and its characters is absolutely haunting, and Willem Dafoe is a standout performance in a story that is meant to have shock value and make you question decisions. On the other hand is everything else: a clumsy point-and-click UI, poor value despite its lower cost, a waste of budget on two out of the three voice actors, and abysmal animation work. Summation, you ask? On the one hand it tickled my brains naughty bits and I applaud that, but on the other hand, everything else was mediocre.”

Source: N4G PC Twelve Minutes Review – Tickles the Brain's Naughty Bits | Zyro-EG